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    Jefferson County Democrats Endorse I-1600

    From the Jefferson County Democrats:

    Dear Jefferson County Democrats –

    At the February 2018 membership meeting we learned about and endorsed I-1600, a ballot measure written and submitted by Whole Washington. Whole Washington is a grassroots group of citizens and healthcare professionals determined to bring universalhealthcare coverage to Washington State through their ballot initiative (I-1600).

    I-1600 has been certified by the WA Secretary of State, and the signature drive has begun, with a goal of over 300,000 signatures by July 2018.


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  • Dr. Friedman Brings the Facts

    It's been an amazing weekend of building our reserves of information, thanks to the one and only Dr. Gerald Friedman


    Whole Washington commissioned Dr. Friedman to do the fiscal analysis behind Initiative I-1600, and for four days straight this week, Dr. Friedman toured the state, presenting his findings and energizing volunteers. 


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  • I-1600 Endorsed by the Washington State Democratic Party

    first-post.pngThe Washington State Democratic party just voted overwhelmingly to endorse I-1600. 

    On January 28th, just days after I-1600 received our initiative number, the Washington Democrats Disabilities Issues Caucus and the Washington Democrats Progressive Caucus passed a resolution calling for the endorsement of I-1600, and the Washington Democrats Affirmative Action Committee endorsed I-1600.

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